User Ranks

User ranks are divided into following user groups. Any user can achieve almost any user rank from any user group.

Regular User Groups

Regular Ranks:

Cricket Fan Street Player Domestic Player National Player International Player

This is the basic rank system. User get’s the rank of “Cricket Fan” when they sign-up and work their way up to “International Player” by taking part in various on-site & off-site activities.

Honorary Ranks:

Professional Player Veteran Player

This is a selective rank only to be given to real life professional players, retired or playing. On some cases this rank can also be given to a retired Cricketeria Administrative Group member.

Restricted Ranks:

Player Under Trial Banned Player

These members suffer a penalty after violating any terms and conditions. Depending upon the nature of violation, user can earn a temporary to permanent penalty from scores deduction to getting banned from the site.

Administrative User Groups

Official Ranks:

Captain Images Captain Polls Captain Videos Captain Quizzes

Captain Pages Captain Blogs Captain Events Captain Classifieds

Official ranks include users who help managing day to day moderation operations. Officials are selected by Executives for a period of 3 months. After every 3 months they get re-evaluated. Based on their performance, they can either be promoted to Executives, keep their current title or get released from their duties.

Executive Ranks:

Commentator Coach Umpire Selector

Executive ranks include the ability to select and train people for the official ranks. Their responsibilities also include helping Officials in day to day moderation as well as reward or penalize users on their site activity. They also help management realize the short term goals and objectives. They are also selected for 6 months terms and re-evaluated to become part of management, keep current position or get released from their duties.  

Managerial Ranks:

Chairman ICB Member ICB

Managerial ranks have primary responsibility of setting long term goals. They give the vision and direction for the site and work for the growth of the site.