1. General Rules Concerning Whole Site 

1.1.    Use a single account. We ban all accounts operated by a single user and give no guarantee of keeping the shared/submitted content, safe, through each account. Apart from that, all of the ids get a permanent ban on scores store and in most of the cases from accessing the whole site. 

1.2.    Sharing personal information in public feeds, like emails, phone numbers, home/office address are strictly prohibited unless it is a requirement of the content being shared. If you want to share this information, please add that to your profile fields or use private message feature to exchange it with other users.

1.3.    We can disable getting scores from any section at any time without any prior notice. It is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated with the latest Scoring Chart.

1.4.    In any case management decision will always be considered as final. Furthermore, management is not answerable to members for any of their actions but if you do think that there has been a biased decision, you can present your case to higher management through contact form. 

2. Content Sharing and Discussions Rules 

2.1.    General Submission Rules across all sections. 

2.1.1. Content containing sexually explicit material, or content humiliating any particular religion, minority, group or individual, in any form is strictly prohibited. 

2.1.2. Swearing and use of bad language in public sections is prohibited. 

2.1.3. Humiliating or making fun of other members/management is strictly prohibited. 

2.1.4. Sharing affiliate/referral links to online money making sites are strictly prohibited. 

2.1.5. There are categories defined for each section. While submitting anything, do select the best possible category for your submission or else your submission may get rejected.

2.1.6. Avoid submitting/sharing duplicate content. Please use the search feature for the section before submitting/sharing anything. 

2.1.7. If you are submitting any copy/pasted material, make sure you have added the credits (name/link) for the source of that information. 

2.1.8. There may be some additional content specific rules for each section provided in the section itself. It is your own responsibility to keep yourself updated with those rules. Ignorance to rules is not any exception and will not help you in case if you have to face any penalty. 

3. Upgrades, Warnings and Penalties

3.1.    Site ranks are divided into many user group levels. There are some membership levels where you can get upgrades automatically based on your site activity. For some managerial roles, only active users are selected among others and given the responsibility. For more details please see the current Membership Chart. 

3.2.    Committing violations to the above rules may result in the form of warnings wich may or may not include following penalties

3.2.1. Deduction of scores.

3.2.2. Demotion of rank.

3.2.3. Temporary or Permanent Ban

3.3.    If you have been penalized you can put up your case to management and provided with a way to get your rank/user group back.

4. Disclaimer

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