Your Score Board tells you how well you are playing at We have selected some of the key performance indicators and have given their details below.


This counts the total posting activity of any user. You can increase this count by adding comments, images, videos, polls, quizzes, blogs, pages, fourm topics, forum posts, events, classifieds & attachments.


For every referred person by you who signs-up, you earn 50 scores. This is what we call scorign a fifty. Invite as many friends as you can to earn more scores and increase your counts.Shots


This represents the number of achievements in terms of badges, trophies & medals. You can check your current achievement status on this page.


Every contest you win can earn you more than 100 scores at once. Actually the contest bounty is well over thousands of scores but that is also a multiple of 100. Participate in monthly contests and you can score many centuries every month.


Winning makes you popular and the only way to become popular here is by having lot of friends. This number is a count of your total friends here. Browse through the profiles, send friendship request to users you like. Hope they also like you back by confirming it.

Total Scores

Almost any thing you do here either gives you scores or take them back. Here is a chart on ways to earn scores. or lose it, most popular being buying stuff available for purchase through scores in the marketplace.